Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Roof Damage Causes Trouble in the Home

A storm caused damage to this homes roof which allowed water to penetrate the home. The ceiling was effected in this bedroom, as shown in the picture. SERVPRO r... READ MORE

Basement Water Damage

This house had flooding in the basement from the washing machine that ruined the floors and the bottom of the walls. Our team of professionals was able to thoro... READ MORE

Water Damage in Bolingbrook, IL

This ceiling damage was caused by water due to a roof leak in Bolingbrook, IL. Our team was able to cut away the damaged ceiling and dry the rest of the area to... READ MORE

Icemaker Supply Line Causes Damage

You never know when disaster may strike! It could be a tornado, flood, or in this case a small ice maker supply line connected to the back of a refrigerator th... READ MORE

Basement Damaged After Pipe Backup

Making it "Like it never even happened," is our business at SERVPRO of Evanston. Our skilled technicians respond in a quick and timely manner to assist you in ... READ MORE

Pipe Break Damage

It's amazing the damage a pipe hidden in the wall can cause in your home. There are times when these leaks may exist for a long amount of time and go unnoticed ... READ MORE

Evanston Home Damaged Due To Pipe Leak

Another example of how a pipe hidden in the wall can cause major damage to a home or structure. This home had multiple areas impacted due to pipe in the walls ... READ MORE

Drain Overflow Damage

A storm can cause major complications in a home. If you have a sump pump and it loses power or cannot keep up with the water flow, major damage can be caused to... READ MORE

Water in Basement in Evanston

When you experience a leaky toilet, overflow, or pipe leak on an upper floor, don't forget the floors below the source of water. Water has a sneaky way of find... READ MORE